The Airheads crowd are individual three dimensional inflatable torsos that have been specifically designed for seated venues, e.g. stadiums, auditoriums, theatres and churches. Airheads include features such as; straps that can be used for certain weather conditions and attachable wigs and masks for that realistic look.

Our Airheads team will individually inflate, wig, mask and dress the Airheads to suit your specific requirements. We provide a range of clothing from casual to smart; however, we will work with you regarding specific colour palettes, styles and accessories. The inflatable Airheads provide the following benefits;

  • Reduced facilities, i.e. car parking, holding areas, dining facilities and honeywagons
  • No timesheets/signing out sheets required
  • No interruptions from the inflatable Airheads, i.e. phone calls, toilet breaks.
  • No catering required, our Airheads are fed on hot-air
  • Using Airheads can minimise your time searching, and corresponding with real extras in the organising of your crowd scene
  • Our Airheads turn up together and on time, no chasing late arrivals

Our team of crowd enhancing experts will work with you to ensure that the best possible visual effect is achieved, offering support and guidance for placement, and most appropriate use of our Airheads.