Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
    1. A deposit of 50% will be required 14 day’s prior to the shoot date
    2. Within 30 days of invoice, balance of payment will be required
    3. A shooting day will consist of 11 hours
    4. Cancellation fee’s are applicable as follows:
      • 100% for two days notice
      • 50% for four days notice
      • 25% for seven days notice


  1. In the event of a shooting being cancelled due to bad weather, a charge of 100% will be incurred
  2. An Overtime charge will be incurred for every additional hour over the shooting day, this rate will be incorporated in the quote
  3. A shooting day including overtime must not exceed 16 hours
  4. An additional fee will be incurred for the hire of Airheads on a Night Shoot/Bank Hols/Sundays/travel days, this fee will be incorporated into the quote
  5. A charge of £0.40 per mile will be applicable from our headquarters in Nottingham to location
  6. Parking is to be provided for Airheads crew on shooting location
  7. An uninterrupted power supply is to be provided on location to Airheads crew
  8. Only Airheads crew are permitted to inflate, deflate and handle Airheads products. However, if it is required to handle the Airheads at some point, prior consent from the airheads supervisor must be obtained
  9. It is not permitted without prior consent from Airheads Ltd to take or use any kind of video footage, digital imagery, publishing, printing or reproducing of photography in any form of media.
  10. It is not permitted to use Airheads for any purpose other than the one agreed in the signed booking confirmation
  11. The client accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to Airheads on set, unless said damage is caused by a member of the Airheads crew.  A replacement fee of £60 per unit is applicable.
  12. The client must provide security for the Airhead products overnight and non-shooting periods
  13. The client must accept full responsibility for the insurance of Airheads Crew whilst on location/set

travel day, shall mean a day called by the producer and in which the travel time is no greater than standard day hours i.e 11 hours

day shoot  call time for a day shoot cannot be called earlier than 07:00hrs.  Airheads should be notified a minimum of 3 days in advance if the call time is anytime before 07:00hrs on the first day of shooting

night shoot, means a shoot in respect of which the call time is later than 15:00 hrs or later.  If a shoot is called between 12:00 hours and 15:00 hours, but continues after 24:00 hours, then it will be revert to being deemed a night shoot.  Airheads should be notified 5 working days in advance of a night shoot

call time, means the call time stipulated by the producer in which the Airheads crew is required and obliged to be on set or any specific place or location

wrap, means the end of the shooting session or technical wrap as called by the producer and any additional work that occurs thereafter needs to be negotiated directly with Airheads Management

working hours, standard working hours to which no overtime applies shall be 11 working hours including set up and meals